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Data Types

This section should give you an overview of all the basic types provided by the Philly framework.

Support Types


The JsonCompatible type extends the JsonSerializable interface to give users easy access to the json serialization.

It provides methods like JsonCompatible::asJson(): string and JsonCompatible::jsonOptions(): int which can be overridden in classes implementing the interface.

To make a Storage implement the JsonCompatible interface, you can use the trait Philly\Support\JsonCompatible.


The Storage class provides a common baseline for all the types which hold data. It also implements interfaces like Countable and JsonCompatible.

The implementation of the Storage class uses an array to store all the data.

Storage Types

These types hold data. They expose different functions which are useful in specific contexts.


A Container can hold all kinds of data and extends the functionality of the Storage class. It implements different interfaces like ArrayAccess or the PSR-11 Container interface.

The Container also allows its children to filter the data (and keys) it accepts using the Container::accepts($value) and Container::acceptsKey($key) methods.

Many classes use the Container as a baseline and extend its functionality based on the use-case.


The BindingContainer extends the Container type and lets users bind builders or singletons to specific interfaces or names.

Queue & Stack

The Queue and Stack classes are simple PHP implementations of common data types. They extend the Storage class.


The ServiceProvider class is an abstract class which provides a basis for all service providers used in the framework. In the future, its implementations will include classes like DatabaseServiceProvider, CacheServiceProvider and others.

It basically has two methods, which can be overridden by implementations:

 * Interface ServiceProvider.
interface ServiceProvider
     * Gets called from the service container upon service registration. Do every action and initialization your service
     * needs to function without accessing the service container.
    public function onRegistered(): void;

     * Gets called after every service was registered.
    public function onBooted(): void;